Weight Loss

“I love the level of detail I get from Debbie’s new body scanner it’s like having a WOF for my body once a month, so as a personal trainer I also recommend that my clients see Debbie for a scan so we can track their physical progress and not just their weight.

I first started seeing Debbie a number of years ago because even though I have a background in fitness I also have a sweet tooth, particularly when stressed. I’m also firmly opposed to faddy diets and so called quick fixes. This is where Debbie’s knowledge and personalised advice eclipsed the previous nutritionists I had seen prior to checking out Tailored Nutrition. I no longer had to eat a super rigid diet of bland food and instead got an easy, delicious and actionable plan that got results in no time. Not only that but learning to eat well, make better choices and not getting frowned upon for eating a bit of chocolate now and again has meant that my weight doesn’t yo-yo anymore.

If you’re thinking about seeing a nutritionist then definitely go see Debbie. Save yourself the time and money of visiting under qualified people trying to sell you quick fixes and expensive supplements and get professional service from someone who actually delivers real sustainable results, you won’t regret it!

I had weight to lose and had already been frustrated by other nutritionists giving me generic answers. Eating nice food that is full of flavour is important to me. I have been fully understood by Debbie. During my weight loss I have never been feeling really hungry and I have enjoyed my food. Debbie has really explained to me how it works, giving me numbers and comparisons. I do also appreciate the fact she works on the fat percentage of my body and not just on the number on the scales. She is also making a detailed follow up of the separate parts of my body. Another good point is that Debbie is considering my way of eating and has given me a food plan personalised to me and my taste, with a lot of super yummy recipes.I’m really happy about my weight loss experience with Debbie, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about losing weight.”




Alix, 30 years old

“My journey with Debbie started in 2014. At the time I was not eating particularly healthy but my main reason for contacting her was because I was training for my first half marathon. 

I was very nervous going to see her as I do love my food and I was dreading being hungry all the time and eating things I didn’t particularly love. I also love my happy hour and was worried I was never going to enjoy another one. 

Debbie was not what I expected!!  Debbie listened to me and what was important to me and devised a plan to suit. Sure I had to cut back on some of that yummy stuff, my wine went to low calorie and I was making carrot sticks for happy hour but the results were worth it. I started eating healthier and I smashed my first half. 

I still go to Debbie, not all the time, usually when I’m training for an event but every time I go I feel listened to and whatever my goal is I achieve it with her help. 

My food plan always has enough food on it and my thoughts on how I eat and what I eat have changed. Debbie has taught me to listen to my body and what it needs. She has taught me that if I do deviate from the plan to make sure 1. It is worth it 2. Enjoy it and don’t feel guilty if that is the choice I make & 3. Get back onto the plan afterwards and don’t dwell on it. 

I still love my food and enjoy happy hour but I am also healthy, I’m not hungry and I can get to the goals I set. I’ve learnt that how I feel is not based on the numbers I’m seeing on the scale but how my body is feeling and the results I’m achieving.”

Ruth W

Dear Debbie,

I want to take the opportunity to express my appreciate to you for your guidance , support and assistance in my efforts to achieve my health and physical fitness goals over the last 18 months or so.

I had been a member of Massey gym for about a year doing sort of Ok –losing some weight, which was the first goal I wanted to achieve. One day I happened to mention to one of the Instructors that I felt the results I was achieving were relatively modest compared with the effort I was making. The response was–“go and see Debbie Mason the nutritionist, you must get your nutrition right if you want to get maximum benefit from your exercise programme“.

I am so pleased I followed this advice and made an appointment to have a consultation with you. Since our first meeting I just have made immense improvement and have achieved results that I felt, despite my keen desire to achieve them may have been beyond me due to my “mature age” of 67 years. Over the 18 months or so that I have been seeing you I have really appreciated the way you have applied your skills so patiently and helped me to make the step by step progress which has produced results beyond my expectations.

The results of my most recent consultation can only be described as thrilling! Your most recent nutrition plan was aimed at regaining the muscle lost when I lost 10kg’s of body fat. At my last visit to assess my progress my results were outstanding. I was hoping, and had been reasonably confident, that I had made some improvement because I felt it and could see a visible improvement. I thought I might have achieved a lean muscle increase of a minimum of 1kg and any fat increase a maximum of 500 gms — that would have been a good result and I would have been happy with that! — the results which were actually achieved were truly amazing. I was also fortunate to have Nigel Poulsen’s encouragement and guidance in the gym. I was always prepared to respond to his efforts
and to do my best –however whilst the spirit was most willing I thought maybe the flesh was too weak! and maybe not up to the task any more. So to hear that I had reduced my body fat % to under 20% –I started 18 months ago at 26% –and increased lean muscle in the last 4 weeks by 2.2 kgs was great news –I am still enjoying the moment.

Thank you again for all the advice and help you have given me and for providing individualised nutrition programmes which have been the basis of achieving results beyond my expectations.

Best regards,
Allan White

I work as a practice nurse and I speak to people alot about diet and exercise on a regular basis because we have a lot of obese diabetic patients. I was finding it difficult to lose weight without spending 45 mins per day on my cross trainer (which I wasn’t doing) and I felt hungry all the time. The only exercise I was doing was walking my lazy bull mastiff dog twice a day for about ½ hr. My clothes were too small and I was frustrated. One of my patients had been recommended to see Debbie Mason from Tailored Nutrition. She had lost heaps of weight so I felt inspired to see her too.

I had my cholesterol checked prior to seeing Debbie. My total cholesterol was 7.8 (normal is less than, LDL 5.8. I had a diet very high in saturated fat, cream in the coffee, butter on everything, cheese; fat on meat…..the list goes on.

Debbie was great, we went over my food diary, I was shocked at what I was eating. We put together a low fat food plan, I was able to eat a lot more than I usually did. I decided that I would see how this new diet goes and stay with the dog walking exercise.

I saw Debbie again after 3 weeks. I had lost about 2kg and my Total cholesterol had gone down to 4.2 and my LDL to 2.6 (back to normal!!!) I have now lost about 5kgs, and am used to eating low fat yummy food.

I would highly recommend anyone going to see Debbie, if you’re serious about getting healthy and losing weight then she will have solution for you.

Kind regards,

Rachael Pretorius
Practice Nurse

“Having gotten back into training after a few years of slacking off, I decided to have a personal trainer. This worked well for my fitness, but there was no change to my body shape which was frustrating and disheartening, especially when working out 6 days a week. I then met Debbie and she immediately knew what was wrong with my diet, explained it to me in plain English and gave me very practical solutions. Now I am losing the weight I want while still eating yummy and substantial food that I can cook for my family without having the food envy that normally comes with being on a “diet”.

“Having combined Debbie’s advice and education on food, diet and nutrition with personal training, I have now lost the excess body fat which I needed to, but have maintained the lean body mass. Debbie has taught me about food, so it is now no longer the enemy, I am more educated about nutrition, both for home cooking and also for eating out. Debbie has completely changed my life, it is not a diet but a lifestyle change which allows me to enjoy food (for the first time in a very long time) without feeling guilty or worried. I would highly recommend Debbie Mason to anyone who wants real and practical advice on food, diet and nutrition.”


– Helen Morgan

“Dear Debbie,

Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given me this year. As you know, for years I have been planning to lose weight but you have helped me make that a reality this year.
Losing weight has been so much easier than I ever envisaged thanks to your practical nutritional advice, the realistic goals you helped me set and the way you took into consideration my lifestyle and family’s needs. I have really appreciated your holistic approach and the information you have given me about nutrition and weight loss – it has helped me better understand the whole process and to see this as a lifestyle, not a ‘diet’.

Thank you also for your warmth and empathy – it has been so enjoyable coming to see you. You are probably the best investment I have made in myself for a long time! Warmest regards.”

– Lee T

“My name is Matt and I am 16 years old. I started seeing Debbie when I was 15, my Mum booked me in and I wasn’t to happy I knew I had a problem with eating and I felt embarassed. I found it easier to see Debbie without my Mum so I could speak honestly. The advice I was given helped me through Christmas and the Summer Break and got me into really good habits. It is a year since I first saw Debbie and feel I have my weight under control and have a better understanding of what are the best foods to eat. I also joined a gym and know that has helped me to loose weight and keep it off and I really enjoy going.”

– Matt

Debbie, thank you for the huge part you played in my weight loss. You gave a truly individualised service and helped me to finally understand what I did and did not need in my diet…. and it never once felt like a “diet”. You gave me an understanding of healthy eating that is all about enjoying good food, not about depriving myself and feeling hungry. I have learned that you don’t have to be hungry in order to loose weight or stay slim.

Your advice and meal plans were always practical and slotted into my life without any hassles. I appreciated the fact that your suggestions were always based on good science and sensible nutrition that made sense and really worked. I felt educated.

Debbie, you are the perfect balance of a practical and no-nonsense approach and at the same time are warm and empathetic. I felt you genuinely had my best interests at heart all the time and celebrated my successes with me while being unconditionally supportive.

You helped me to lose 20 kgs, so not only did I feel fabulous in my wedding dress, but I feel I have learned how to manage my weight for the long term. I finally feel like I am in control of my weight, rather than it being in control of me.

– Phillippa

Sports Performance

Debbie from Tailored Nutrition provided nutritional support for the players from Auckland City FC on the successful 2014/2015 ASB Championship campaign, the FIFA Club World Cup squad and the O’League squad.

We found her easy to engage with, professional and her advice and support was invaluable to ensuring the amateur team had a professional environment which in no small way assisted in achieving winning the ASB Championship and the O’League and coming third at the FIFA Club World Cup. I would recommend Debbie to any other teams that are needing the nutritional advantage, or to any athlete that is looking to improve their performance.

Justin Lopes MHSc (Hons) PGDip (Musculo) PGCert (West Acup) Lead Physiotherapist ACFC

“I first went to see Debbie in 2010 having realised that I was constantly tired and clearly not eating right to keep up with a new teaching job and having a very physically active lifestyle. After telling me I was anaemic and, essentially, getting me to eat more and better food, I gained 6 (necessary) kilos and felt like a much improved version of myself.

In 2012, I was given the opportunity to compete in the International Taekwon-Do Federation World Cup in Brighton, England. I made my nutrition a real priority, and with the help of Debbie I was able to stay in weight and eat exactly
what I needed to to be able to train for 3-4 hours a day. Seeing as the competition was overseas, Debbie was a real help in giving me options should certain foods or supplements not be available, and I felt on top of game through all four days of competition. She was also extremely thorough – having me do sweat tests and practicing eating certain foods around and during trainings. There is no doubt that Debbie really helped me to achieve the two silver medals I won.

Debbie is now helping me to embark on competing in my first body sculpting competition in 2013, which I had to put on hold in 2012, and I’m sure she will help to give me great success in that also.”

Kay Robinson

Double Silver Medal Winner, International Taekwon-Do Federation World Cup 2012

As a competitive weightlifter, weight is always a problem. After having a great holiday break I made a goal to drop a body weight class in order to medal at the 2010 Oceania championships. I had a strict training program but found that my body weight was not dropping as much as I would have liked it to. I turned to Debbie Mason at Tailored Nutrition as a last chance effort to lose the weight.

Debbie took on the challenge and she was great to work with showing an interest to all my competitions during the weight loss process. She also explained to me the importance of carbohydrates in the diet and also made me aware of how eating more can help to lose weight. Debbie was full of great ideas to make the food for the diet easy and interesting. Thanks to her I managed to drop down to my ideal weight a month before my goal date which meant I could train and maintain this weight for a greater competition and thanks to her I won a gold medal at the 2010 Oceania games.

I definitely would recommend her to everyone, she is a great person to work with and I will definitely be working again with her throughout the year.

Chantal Lambrechs
Gold Medalist (Oceania’s 2010)

“Working with Debbie Mason allowed me to improve my understanding of good nutrition in a way that supported my fitness training but what was really important was that I started doing the right thing instead of just thinking about it! It has been a wonderfully positive process of lifestyle change.”

– Judith Ansell

“I am delighted to be asked to supply a testimony for your website. As you know I came to you via a recommendation and I am indebted to that person.

As a keen recreational cyclist, doing over 300km per week on my bike, nutrition is a key factor in top performance. I felt pretty knowledgeable about my nutrition & I came to you after years of trying to get my body weight down unsuccessfully, struggling to get that last seemingly unobtainable goal of reducing my waistline & body fat even further.

So glad I followed my friend’s recommendation, to stand on your amazing body scanner and watch the numbers being produced.

I wondered how much I would learn from you? Remember our first meeting, 30 minutes it was supposed to be, you nearly had to push me out the door after an hour, as I was so absorbed & preoccupied with the information you were revealing to me. Your passion for, and knowledge on nutrition is extraordinary, and I thank you for imparting some of it to me.

In just few months I have successfully lost 5 kilograms, transforming my performance on the bike, however more importantly is the knowledge you have Imparted to me for life. I am healthier than ever, probably in the best shape of my life, not just because of my improved performance on the bike, but my general health all round. With my body fat percentage now at 14% I even move around the building site more easily.

Yours Sincerely,”

– Gervase Barnes

“I have worked hard on my nutrition over the last few years, but when I qualified for Xterra World Championships I realised I needed someone to help look after me with my nutrition.

You can work so hard getting the training right but sometimes you just need someone else to look at what you are doing from the outside and make sure you are fuelling yourself to the maximum potential. Debbie helped me with this.

She looked at what I was already doing and tweaked it to help me make the right or better choices. She guided me to increasing my food intake in the right areas to allow optimum training, recovery and performance. Debbie was always available for questions and I am very grateful to all the help she offered.

Together we worked out fluid requirements from sweat tests and tweaked these once at the race venue. I felt totally prepared and confident in my race nutrition and preparation. Without Debbie’s guidance I would have doubted the extra fluid required in an extremely hot environment.

Thanks to Debbie for all her help and guidance. I highly recommend Debbie as an amazing person to work. She is knowledgeable, practical and caring to all your nutritional needs and gives you the confidence to reach high and attain your goals.”

– Pip

“I found Debbie on the recommendation of a cycling friend. Spending between 10 – 16 hours on the bike each week I felt it was important to get my nutrition right.

Debbie analysed what I was eating and found an inadvertent number of hidden calories in the breads I was making as well as calorie deficit while riding amongst other things. She changed some aspects of my eating and a result I have lost almost 5% body fat without losing any muscle mass.

I now eat far more on the bike than before and have several planned snack times during the day which have eliminated the ‘starving, must eat everything’ feeling I used to get after riding. With my increased power to weight ratio my cycling performance has dramatically improved and I’ve had two podium places in my first two races of the season.

Debbie has given me some great recipes and equally good food tips which are now part of my everyday eating programme.

If you’re serious about training then the fuel for your body has to be a serious consideration too – I can’t recommend Debbie highly enough for her excellent sports nutrition advice and general nutritional knowledge.”

– Anna S

Cholesterol Levels

On receiving the news that my cholesterol was too high and that the Doctor would be putting me on medication to remedy the situation I was not very happy. After being on the medication for a week and suffering from the side effects of it I decided this was not how I wanted to be for the rest of my life. I obtained a copy of the Healthy Food Guide Magazine and saw Tailored Nutrition advertised in the magazine. I decided to make contact with Debbie.

I was somewhat apprehensive but after giving her a call and meeting with her I knew I had made the right decision. Debbie not only knows what she is talking about but is also a realist and appreciates that we all have different bodies and goals but we still want to eat tasty food and be a healthy weight. Debbie assessed my diet and devised a programme which was easy to follow. The recipes were delicious and I never really felt I was on a diet. I was now eating a much healthier diet and losing weight! The results were so exciting! The scales had never moved so much before. Debbie educated me as to the science of food and how to manage my weight with better eating choices and exercise. This has been life changing. My cholesterol levels also began to drop.

Debbie’s experience, knowledge, support and practical suggestions always make me feel incredibly empowered to continue with my new life. It has been a pleasure to recommend Debbie to friends who have also experienced her support and knowledge with their weight loss.

Debbie is one of the finest health professionals I have ever dealt with and could not recommend her highly enough.

Thank you Debbie, you have changed my life and that of my family also.

– Anne

Life Style

“Finally some straight forward plain english advice on exactly what to eat, and why, to look and feel great. The nutritional plan that Debbie put together for me has made such as impact that I have made a point of telling friends, family and even my Doctor she deserves a call.”

– Ian Cummings,

“After years of ongoing problems with my digestive system I sought the advice of Debbie last year. Thanks to Debbie my digestion problems have been settled through changes in diet, and I’ve gained a better understanding of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Thank you!”

– Amelia Joy