Before your Initial Nutrition Consultation

Your consultation with our registered nutritionist will set you on a path to living a healthier and happier life.

We recommend you download and complete the Nutrition Questionnaire and 3 Day Food Diary template and email it to us at least two days before your consultation. When completing your food diary, please ensure you are as accurate with portion sizes as possible. We use your food diary to identify your patterns, preferences, nutritional deficiencies, and more, giving us a good basis for the consultation meeting.

For your most accurate InBody Scan at each appointment, we also recommend you refer to our Scan Protocol

Initial Nutrition Appointment (approx 2 hours)

9am to 3.30pm: $150After hours: $170

Follow up Nutrition Appointment

45 minutes: $8060 minutes: $90

Accountability Scan

15 minutes: $45

Payment Options


Cancellation Policy

One working days notice is required to cancel/ postpone or the appointment fee is charged.

Initial Nutrition Consultation

Your initial consultation with our registered nutritionist will last two hours. This is longer than consultations with many other nutritionists. However, we believe it’s important to fully understand your lifestyle, diet, medical issues, barriers to progress, taste preferences, personality, and more.

These discussions ensure I can give you a food plan that is more most tailored to your needs.

Your initial consultation will also include a body composition analysis using the InBody570 machine. Again, this is a service not offered by other nutritionists, but its importance is crucial to give you a more accurate and rounded picture of your current health.

Follow Up Nutrition Consultation

Follow up consultations last 45 minutes, or 60-minutes, you choose.

We will do another body composition scan in the follow-up consultation to get an understanding of the progress you have made.

We will also have a detailed discussion of your food diary as well as the challenges you faced following your food plan, the difficulties, the successes, and the progress you made towards your goals.

We will then review and revise your food plan together, giving you new food ideas, recipes, and resources that will help with your future progress.

Accountability InBody Scan

When your nutrition is on track, you can opt for an InBody scan only consultation. This is a good way of keeping you motivated and ensuring you are meeting your goals.

Claiming Back Consultation Costs

As I am a registered nutritionist, you might be able to claim back the cost of your appointments from your insurance. Check your insurance policy to find out more.