Before your initial consultation

To make the most of your initial two hour consultation, I ask that you keep a food diary for three days, and email it to me (at least one day before our appointment).

This exercise is just so valuable;

  • It helps me identify your food patterns and preferences along with any nutritional deficiencies you may be experiencing.
  • Knowing how and when you like to eat/ prepare food gives us an excellent base from which to discuss what changes will work for you (short and longer term).
  • And... perhaps most importantly, reviewing your diary together will show you where you can immediately make changes for better results – no more frustrating going round in circles!

For best results you should be as accurate as possible; e.g.: 1 cup trim milk, 1 slice wholegrain toast with one teaspoon butter, 1 cup of boiled white rice, etc... 

Before all appointments:

  • Please refrain from consuming food and fluid for approximately two hours so that the InBody230TM machine can give the most accurate results.
  • Be as normally hydrated as possible - so do not restrict food or fluid more than two hours prior to the appointment.
  • You should not have exercised excessively for at least eight hours prior to the appointment.

These steps help to ensure that the InBody230TM machine gives the most accurate results.

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