InBody230TM Segmental Body Composition Scanning A4 Report and Tips (15 minutes) $45

For groups of 8 a discount may apply. Please enquire.


For the most accurate scan results:

Avoid food and drink for 2 hours prior
Avoid exercise for 8 hours prior
Avoid excessively salty meals for 24 hours prior
Wear reasonably light clothing
Do not wear stockings, socks are ok
Remove metal bracelets and anklets

This scan is not recommended if you are pregnant or have metal or electrical implants.

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More About InBody230TM?

The InBody230 Scanner is a highly credible and accurate tool that will help you understand your body composition – both now and through future changes.

The InBody 230TM is the revolutionary Body Composition Scanner which is so advanced, it is able to separately analyse the composition (fluid, fat and lean muscle) of your torso and each limb.

This tool gives you a snapshot of where you are today, and allows us to accurately track your improvements over time. Whether you are training to build muscle, want to lose body fat or want to discover any muscle imbalance, the InBody230TM will give you measurable results.

  • Discover your muscle mass in each arm and leg!
  • Measure the fat mass in your trunk, (where body fat most impacts your health)!
  • Track muscle growth and fat loss in specific body segments!
  • Discover muscle size imbalances between limbs (to the nearest 100 grams)!

Your InBody230TM scan includes a comprehensive A4 size printed colour report.

I will explain the results of your scan and provide you with quick nutrition and exercise tips to maximise your results and more quickly achieve your unique goals.

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